How to Travel with Your Wedding Dress

How to Travel with Your Wedding Dress

Planning a destination wedding is so romantic—the honeymoon vibes begin the second you land, and all your guests are thrilled to be at a wedding that feels like a vacation. With all the perks of a destination wedding also comes the stress of traveling. Often, we find brides planning destination weddings asking us the same questions: how do I travel with my dress safely? It’s a valid question—getting your gorgeous gown through the airport and to your wedding venue with no mishaps can be stressful. For our destination brides, here’s the safest way to get your wedding dress from point A to point B with as little stress as possible: 

Pack Your Dress


First things first: you’ve got to pack the dress before you travel. You’ll want to keep your dress in a garment bag throughout travel, and it’s important you use one that’s waterproof—this way, you won’t be as stressed about any accidental coffee spills in transit. Packing the dress into the bag can be tricky. After all, most wedding dresses have a train, giving them extra fabric that is likely longer than the garment bag. The best way to handle this is to put the hanger through the garment bag first, then fold the left and right sides of the dress together and slowly roll the train up until everything fits into the garment bag. 



First of all: do not check your dress. Carry it on. You don’t want to run the risk of your dress being lost in transit, and you’ll have much more peace of mind being the one handling your dress throughout travel. Most airlines allow garment bags to be carried on, but make sure you double check any size limitations on these rules. Once on board, some planes do have a closet that the flight attendants may allow you to hang your dress in. If not, you have a few options: you can carefully lie the dress on top of you and your partner’s luggage, or you can buy the dress it’s own seat. Yes, you read that right—some brides purchase their wedding dress it’s own plane ticket to ensure the safest flight (also...your dress will get its own carry-on, so you’ll be able to bring additional luggage). 



Bring a Steamer


While your venue more than likely has a steamer, you can never be too safe—there’s always the risk of the venue’s steamer not working properly or being used by another guest. Bring a handheld steamer for back up. At the very least, one of your bridesmaids will need to use it, and having it on hand will give you peace of mind. 

Consider Ease of Travel When Shopping


If you’re still looking for your dress, think about how easily you can pack your dress when traveling. Here are a few of our favorite easy-to-pack wedding dresses perfect for destination weddings:




A perfect lightweight gown for destination weddings, this dress will easily fit into a garment bag without much bulk, making it incredibly easy to travel with. The skirt and train will steam easily if your dress gets any wrinkles in transit, making it an excellent choice. 

Morilee Brooke



The lightweight lace of this gown makes it perfect for destination weddings, keeping you cool in the tropical weather. This chic skirt will pack easily, and the lace will be less likely to wrinkle while travelling than other fabrics!

Willowby Marcail



Light, breezy, and ethereal, this Willowby gown is the epitome of a perfect bohemian destination wedding dress. While the layers of fabric may look like a lot to pack, the thin, sheer quality of the fabric makes it fold easily into a much smaller size. 

Willowby Tommie



For brides who love nature-inspired details, this floral covered A-line is perfect. The summery blooms will be perfect for your destination wedding, and the fabric will easily steam out wrinkles. 

Wtoo Miles



Looking for sleeves? The romantic, off-the-shoulder sleeves on this sheer, layered gown from Wtoo give you the perfect touch for a truly breathtaking wedding dress. Easy to pack, easy to steam, and even easier to wear, this is a great wedding dress for travel. 


Allure 9810



Looking something simple, chic, and figure flattering? Allure 9810 has everything you’re looking for. A clean, chic fit and flare with bold simplicity, this dress has the effortless elegance you’re dreaming of. The lightweight gown is easy to pack and easy to carry through the airport during travel, making it a great choice for destination weddings. 

Still haven’t found a dress to worry about travelling with? Book an appointment at Bliss Bridal and let us help you find your perfect destination wedding dress.